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How to create effective visual content for Tiktok in Performance Marketing


With the ability of speading content to users quickly. As well as others social media such as: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube,…etc. KOLs can be used Tiktok for Performance Marketing. So how to content for Tiktok that will resonate your audience?!

KOLs can refer to the following ways:

Create product introduction video

As a Performer, the more followers click on your Performance link, the higher the follower’s purchase rate. The advantage of  Tiktok is that every contents posted are video which reaching followers on a large scale. When KOL’s invested in images, interesting and useful content, especially product review video, fashion mix and match video,..etc, in doing so followers more attracted to the products. From that increase clicks and orders conversion rate.

♦ Content corresponding to the item is key

Each followers have interested and concerned for different products. Therefore, when the content is directed to a certain branch or interest in particular, KOLs can build a group of followers with similar interests, thereby increasing interest and purchase rate of followers

♦ Call to action 

One of the most important tips not to be missed to increase KOLs click and order conversation rate is from product review video. KOLs should call upon followers to click on the link attrached at Tiktok’s bio or in comment section. This call to action can be expressed in words or hashtag. Assisting followers know where to find the product in needs.

Tiktoker Makeupscienceasia’s product review video for reference.


Link in our bio! #makeupscienceasia #msatv #msarecommends

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