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If I don’t have a social media channel, will I get a commission just by placing the links?


If I don’t have a social media channel, will I get a commission just by placing the links?

  •  You are still charged the same commission as a regular Publisher.

How to place the links effectively?


  • You will receive a commission even if the customer clicks on your links and does not buy the product included in your links, as long as your affiliate link is the last link they clicked before paying.
  • If you upload a post, you should not insert a link because it will reduce the number of people accessing the post. Instead, put the link under the comment, focus on content and images to attract interaction.
  • In addition, there are several tools (software) that can help you increase the reach of your post. “See more details at the end of the post”
  1. Place the cheapest product links

Firstly, take your time on Shopee/Lazada and find the cheapest product links. The cheapest product links here are of the following types:

– Products on flash sale program worth 10-15 pesos. The products are being applied with the shop’s discount code + adding advertiser’s code. Products on Brand day (being applied with the shop’s discount code + adding advertiser’s code + gift). Then, take a picture of the product’s unit price before-after apply code and write compelling content to post on groups.

2. Place products with high sale rate and honest review

Please note that there are a lot of products on Shopee that have fake sales, some products are sold hundreds of thousands of times a month, but there are only 3 to 4 reviews. So you should choose products whose sales are not too different from the reviews to increase customers’ interest to click on the link. Remember that you will get a commission even if they don’t buy the product you link to. So it is advisable that you place links of quality products to retain your customers after clicking.

3. Place the links with discount code

Don’t forget to attach links of discount codes as the final step before payment is to apply a discount code. Therefore, customers will tend to look for the right discount code for the product they want to buy. Do a search all over Shopee/Lazada to find shop-wide or category-specific discount codes to post with the product. In addition to searching on the platforms, you can follow groups with campaign and media posts, in which the admin update

4. Place multi-links

You should only use this method on days close to and on big sale days (double day, mid-month sale, month-end sale…). This is a way in which you place multiple links from many platforms (Shopee, Lazada,..) in the same post so that users have more choices, as well as to increase the number of order clicks on the platforms. This method is extremely necessary because the commissions on Lazada are very high (Lazada: high commission limit, while Shopee limits the commission to 203 pesos/1 order. 

5. Tips to increase post reach

The more likes/reactions, comments and shares the post has, the more users it will reach and of course will increase the chances of more people clicking on your links. That can be quite difficult for an ordinary person, so you can use the software “ATP Seeding” or visit seeding.vn for support (I am not making any ads, just sharing from my


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