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Ecomobi updates an exclusive payment mechanism just for you!


In an effort to bring the best experience to all users, Ecomobi especially offers you a new payment mechanism with extremely attractive changes.


Check out the details now!


  1. Payment time
  • The current validation time of Shopee is after 3 months. For example: The commission arises in June, in September finishes validation, you will receive money in early October.

At Ecomobi, you will receive a monthly advance fully automatically according to the new mechanism. Specifically:.

  • Old mechanism: Advance payment will be automatically transferred on the 27th of every month according to the registered payment information.
  • New mechanism: Advance payment will be pushed directly in the Payment section on the 15th of every month. You can actively Withdraw.


  1. Advance payment

Advance payment according to the prescribed rate as follows:: 

Rank Total commission Advance rate
Newbie (Under 3 months) 50%
Gold 26,000 php – 56,000 php 30%
Platinum 56,000 php – 112,000 php 50%
Diamond >= 112,000 php 70%

(Formula for advance payment)

Advance = % Advance rate by rank * Estimated Approval Commission (EAC)

– Note:

  • If a KOL newbie reaches the Diamond rank in the first month, he/she will be advanced at the highest corresponding rate of 70%.
  • Cooperated KOL (Gold rank or higher) and Newbie: Shopee and Lazada commissions of the month (T) will be advanced in T+1. For example, commissions generated in June of Shopee and Lazada campaigns will be advanced in July.


  • EACR will be based on the % approved commission/total commission of the previous months.
  • If KOL makes a withdrawal on Monday, Tuesday of the week (W), KOL will receive payment on Monday of the next week (W+1).
  • If KOL makes a withdrawal on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday of the week (W), KOL will receive payment on Monday of the next two weeks (W+2).
  • If KOL makes the 1st withdrawal but has not yet executed the payment order, it will not be able to continue to make another withdrawal order.
  • If the KOL has been advanced before, the payment received will be automatically deducted according to the time when the commission was generated on the system.
  • The advance/payment process will be conducted only when KOL fills in payment information and is approved for the account.


🌟 Special: The advance payment will be displayed on the 15th of every month, don’t forget to visit Ecomobi to get your money right away!


Ecomobi hopes that with this change, we can offer {username} with more convenience and optimization payment. If you have any comments or questions, do not forget to reply to this email and leave us messages!

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Arabella Sophia Villanueva
Mar 29, 2022 11:42
Name: Arabella Villanueva Metrobank: 355-3-355-73648-3
Jul 14, 2023 04:39
Omg don't drop your bank acc here po
Jul 14, 2023 04:39
Justine Garcia
May 07, 2022 11:59
Any ID Option?
Jul 14, 2023 04:38
Any id is okay po
Oct 25, 2022 17:59
Hello I will suggest paypal for withdrawal and please give us more cookie period for shopee and lazada. And give me bonus for having my concern just kidding merry Christmas ecomobi.
Eva Tuco
Feb 18, 2023 15:16
Eva Tuco Cimb bank-20860755091223
Cathleen joy julian
Feb 25, 2023 12:34
Hello i want to change my bank account. But i dont know how plss help me? Thanks
Ma corazon g san juan
Mar 18, 2023 21:09
Please let us know if national id still not availble what is the other id can be upload in the payment requirements???
Zenaida nagal
Apr 28, 2023 16:22
I have no bank accout Any payment method ?
Why dont
Jul 14, 2023 04:37
Try mo po seabank madali lng po gumawa ng bank account
Zenaida nagal
Apr 28, 2023 16:22
I dont have bank account Any payment method option?
Rodel chavez Casera
Jun 26, 2023 13:20
When is the money can be transferred in my account? In the notification it said 25th of june, will it take some time to be credited in my bank account statement?
Jul 14, 2023 04:38
Yes po sometimes it took 7days or up to received your salary
Aug 25, 2023 15:31
hi august 25 now, i have withdrawal , will my withdrawl send ?
Sep 09, 2023 14:40
Can I change my bank info?But instead of my bank account ,I would like to use my sister's ATM,is it possible if I will use her ATM account number?

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