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Teenagers made hundreds of million each month. A quick review


This is just a quick review. You don’t need to be a celebrity to exploit your influences on social media to make thousands of dollars each month. This simple type of profession is getting more and more popular among the youngsters.


A YouTuber called Dương Dê made a lot of money thanks to his passion for tech reviewing. 

“My job is to connect the product to its right type of customers. Therefore, each of my review videos delivered the true experiences of my own and gave the viewers the most objective view possible. Helped them choose the right product that suits their needs”.

He shared: “Before I review a specific product, I always ask a question: Is this product suitable for my channel? Does it meet the needs and desires of the viewers? If the answer is yes, I will do it. And if the answer is no, I will not review it no matter how much the brand pays me”.

When Dương Dê built his Youtube channel. He wanted to create a community of viewers with similarities in taste, needs, and personalities. Not just a regular information channel.

“I don’t want to sign an advertising contract with a brand, make a video that attracts hundreds of thousand views just to receive a little income. So I decided to co-operate with Ecomobi Social Selling Platform – an intermediary sales support platform that was rated as the best in Southeast Asia. During our co-operation, I have an opportunity to work with so many big brands. I also have content creativity freedom and appropriate commission for each of my successful product promotions.  

To become a KOL and make great money from Affiliate Marketing like the Youtuber Dương Dê. Sign up now. 


TikToker New Day with Bimm turns his passion for beauty into great income to overcome Covid 19 pandemic. 

TikTok has proven its attraction for growing from a simple entertaining video sharing platform into a money-making channel for KOLs and the content creator community. 

A great example of a successful KOL on Tiktok is the hot Tiktoker “New day with Bimm” with his short cosmetics review and beauty tips videos. He started as a marketer who has a great passion for skincare. During the Covid-19 social distancing. Bimm started his career as a KOL by uploading short videos about skincare on Tiktok. He has a few hundred views at first, but Bimm stayed persistent and tried to develop, change and create his content every day. Now, Bimm’s channel reaches 200.000 followers. Each of his videos has 100.000 views on average.

“Being a KOL in the cosmetics and beauty field. I must hold responsibility for each of my product reviews. Because that directly affects my followers – the potential customers of the product. I think authentic experiences and detailed reviews are the factors to gain me the love and support of the community”.

Bimm is also one of the KOLs who joined Ecomobi Social Selling Platform. “During the time of the long pandemic, joining Ecomobi Social Selling Platform was my best decision. This intermediary channel has helped me maintain a stable monthly income, even exceeding my expectations. I can make money anywhere, I don’t have to depend on the bookings like before”.

Passion and money, you can have both when joining Ecomobi Social Selling Platform. If you have more than 10.000 followers on Instagram or more than 50.000 followers on TikTok. Let’s start a career as a professional KOL with Ecomobi. Not just providing a stable monthly income, Ecomobi also creates so many opportunities for you to work with different types of products. 

The exclusive benefits for KOLs for joining Ecomobi Social Selling Platform include: 

First, automatic and swift payment: KOLs can withdraw their pay at any time in the month when they reach the min commission of 500.000 VND. Ecomobi is the pioneer in Vietnam to provide KOLs with this support. 

Second, advanced technology exploitation: The first unit in Vietnam to support KOLs in building personalized websites and smart Chatbot for personal branding and increasing conversion rate. 

Last, follower boost support for KOLs: Ecomobi provides KOLs with hundreds of discount codes, exclusive offers. Ecomobi also supports KOLs for free in developing content on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube) to attract followers. 

You can turn your Channels into a Hen that lays Golden Eggs. So what are you waiting for? 

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